Re: [exim] GNU SASL gsasl integration into Exim

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Author: Drav Sloan
To: exim-users, exim-dev
Subject: Re: [exim] GNU SASL gsasl integration into Exim
Phil Pennock wrote:
> > I have been successful in compiling and using this on my companies exim
> > server. A handful of weekend users (including myself) have all successfully
> > authenticated. Monday morning will provide some better "stress testing"
> > but it works perfectly so far!
> Good to know, thanks. :)

And FYI, today has seen no issues.

> I'd be interested to know your views on the utility of this, versus just
> proving that it can be done and having an alternative/competitor.
> "One less moving part"? Problems with saslauthd? Or "doesn't really
> matter to us"?

I remember having issues, some time ago, when setting up our Exim mail
server to play with sasl - It took a certain amount of faff to get it
to work. This looks like a more clear and straight forward way to do
similar authentication (it just worked when I put your example in place
with the appropriate tweaks for my server).