Re: [exim] Forward root mails to external address

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Author: John Burnham
To: 'go boni', ''
Subject: Re: [exim] Forward root mails to external address
> After days of searching I am sending this question.
> I am using UBUNTU version 11.10 and use the default
> installation of Exim
> 4.76.
> Now the emails sent to root (by cron) are delivered to
> root@???
> Since there is no such email address I would like to change it into
> admin@???.
> I tried define forward in: /root/.forward file, adding record in
> /etc/aliases and also adding rule in /etc/exim4/email-addresses
> None of them helped.

What does
exim4 -d -bt root@???
run on your server give you ?
As an alternative that's not particularly exim related, you could put MAILTO="realaddress@???" in root's crontab.