Re: [exim] IDN, UTF-8 and Punycode curiosity

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Autor: Heiko Schlittermann
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Temat: Re: [exim] IDN, UTF-8 and Punycode curiosity
Hi Mark,

Mark Elkins <mje@???> (Di 03 Jan 2012 10:11:29 CET):
> I'm somewhat stuck with e-mail though. What do people usually do???
> So from a backend point of view - do I use '' or
> 'café' for e-mail?

Never used it, but from my POV it's the job of the MUA to translate


into and do all the routing based on the punycode,
since DNS does not serve anything else. In case the MUA is too stupid,
the user has to translate it and then use the punycode address.

> What about UTF-8 support for the LHS of the '@' sign - ie can I allow
> 'rölf@???'?

Here I'm clueless. Probably RFC822,2822,5322 give some information about
the allowed charset for the localpart and how to translate it from other

But, probably I'm wrong.

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