[exim-dev] [Bug 817] Improve exposure of 8bitmime support

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Author: Wolfgang Breyha
To: exim-dev
Old-Topics: [exim-dev] [Bug 817] New: Improve exposure of 8bitmime support
Subject: [exim-dev] [Bug 817] Improve exposure of 8bitmime support
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Nigel Metheringham <nigel@???> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
   Target Milestone|Exim 4.70                   |Exim 4.72
   Target Milestone|Exim 4.72                   |Exim 4.73
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--- Comment #2 from Wolfgang Breyha <wbreyha@???> 2011-05-22 00:16:06 ---
Created an attachment (id=483)
--> (http://bugs.exim.org/attachment.cgi?id=483)
improve 8BITMIME support (no 8to7 conversion yet)

I wrote this patch as a first step to improve 8BITMIME support.

What it does:
*) accept_8bitmime defaults to true
*) grep and store the state of
  *) BODY= used (body_8bitmime == 0 if not used)
  *) mode used in BODY (body_8bitmime == 7 for 7bit, 8 for 8bit)
*) check if SMTP server supports 8BITMIME (caseless match, since I already
   know of servers announcing "8bitmime". *sigh* M$ again)
  *) yes -> send BODY= as stored
  *) no -> 8to7 conversion needed
    *) deactivate use of SIZE=
    *) nothing else yet (except a debug message)
*) it has to be activated by defining WITH_8BITMIME=yes in Makefile

What it doesn't:
*) the 8to7 conversion itself
*) a commandline switch is needed to define a submitted message as 8bit
*) code is needed to auto detect 8bit body sent as 7bit as sendmail/postfix
does. Enforcing WITH_CONTENT_SCAN and modifying acl_mime_scan may be
used for that.

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