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Author: Phil Pennock
To: exim-dev
Subject: [exim-dev] [Bug 1108] ldap_set_option() called with int as third arg instead of void
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--- Comment #2 from Phil Pennock <pdp@???> 2011-05-06 23:16:45 ---
There are a few other calls which don't use this type-cast. I suspect that the
failure is actually a promoted warning, fixed as PP/01 in the 4.76 release,
currently at RC1; it's a security critical fix, so your best bet is probably to
try 4.76_RC1 and see if that builds?

The actual fix in your patch is to use "&", which was missing from the patch
applied and not caught in review for 4.75, quickly fixed in 4.76. The explicit
void cast just masks such issues.

The relevant commit for this is 109066729a54f6ba5c4e8bc174133da33242e930:


So, fixed as duplicate of an issue which didn't have a tracking bug (sorry).

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