[exim-mirrors] New Mirror: Internet Gateway of South Beach

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Author: John C. Young
To: exim-mirrors
Subject: [exim-mirrors] New Mirror: Internet Gateway of South Beach
Good morning,

We filed Bug 1088 some time back to have our site added to your mirror
list, but this has not happened yet; can you let us know if there was/is
an issue with our request?

I have updated our links to include both your website and the FTP site
now, all other information (as listed above) remains current.

Exim FTP Download [WWW]: http://mirrors.igsobe.com/exim-ftp
Exim FTP Download [FTP]: ftp://mirrors.igsobe.com/exim-ftp

Exim WWW Download [WWW]: http://mirrors.igsobe.com/exim-www
Exim WWW Download [FTP]: ftp://mirrors.igsobe.com/exim-www

Thank you!

John C. Young
Managing Director
Internet Gateway of South Beach