[exim-mirrors] Romanian exim mirror !

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Author: dani
To: exim-mirrors
Subject: [exim-mirrors] Romanian exim mirror !
first of all i am using (and still learning) exim since almost three
years and i am very fond of it and appreciate its creators and

i see that no romanian mirrors are listed on the main site, if this is
correct i would like to offer my resources for a mirror.

the hardware specs are:

P4 - 3 ghz, 2 gb ddr2, 250 gb hdd, 10 Mbit/sec external (outside
Romania) and ~ 100 Mbit/sec in the country.

the software:

gentoo linux, lighttpd + php, pure-ftpd.

tell me if the above are enough and if any other conditions should i
met, uptime should be ok since i allocated a 700va apc only for this