[exim-dev] Exim release process/version control system

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Author: Simon Arlott
To: exim-dev
Subject: [exim-dev] Exim release process/version control system

"Build documentation and packages (nigel has a script for this - needs
work but at least does it)"

Where's the script for this?
Ideally it should be put into source control so that anyone can use it.

This could go into an exim-release/ dir in git://git.exim.org/exim.git

Migrating to git would make releases much more decentralised, as anyone
could prepare a release in an external branch and then have it merged
into the master branch after review.

There are a few issues in bugzilla with patches that could be applied,
which I could do to a local git branch, but it will be pointless while
CVS is still the master repository as merging it would be non-trivial.

exim-test/ and exim-www/ are currently missing from exim.git too...
The necessary website changes could be made in a release branch too.

I don't think the Bugzilla integration is particularly important to any
migration. It might be nice to have but bugs can be updated manually
until someone sets up appropriate hooks.

Are there any other issues stopping a migration to git and a 4.72

Simon Arlott