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Author: Vincent
To: pcre-dev
Subject: [pcre-dev] [Bug 981] pcrecpp usage as static lib and MSVC 2008
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--- Comment #2 from Vincent <vincent.bourdier@???> 2010-05-11 10:28:20 ---

> Have you tried the most recent release, which is 8.02?

Not yet... But I'll do it soon.

> I'm not a Windows user, so I have to be told what needs documenting for
> that operating system. I see that there *is* mention of something
> similar in the comments of the pcredemo.c program:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Building under Windows:
> If you want to statically link this program against a non-dll .a file, you must
> define PCRE_STATIC before including pcre.h, otherwise the pcre_malloc() and
> pcre_free() exported functions will be declared __declspec(dllimport), with
> unwanted results. So in this environment, uncomment the following line. */
> /* #define PCRE_STATIC */
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Should I include something like this in the main PCRE documentation?

Hum... my fault I didn't make a search with the good keywords.

But that seems good to add it in PCRE documentation. Because pcrecpp.h include
example code in the header of the file, I did not try pcredemo.c . I don't
think all Windows user will read pcredemo.c ...

Thanks for your reply.


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