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Author: Phil Pennock
To: Sven Hartge
CC: exim-dev
Subject: Re: [exim-dev] DKIM-mandated undocumented behaviour change (Re: dnsdb lookup with multiple results "glued" together)
On 2010-03-19 at 10:07 +0100, Sven Hartge wrote:
> On 27.02.2010 00:52, Phil Pennock wrote:
> > Perhaps the best solution is to add a new pseudo search type for dnsdb,
> > just as there's "csa", "mxh" and "zns". Call the new one "txtconcat".
> > Revert to the previous behaviour for "txt", have dnsdb use txtconcat.
> Umm, should I file an "official" bug on this, or is there any movement
> "behind the curtains" which just got unnoticed by me?

I do not get to peek behind the curtains, I just provide some patches.

A bug would be good.

> Since I use this lookup very often in my anti-spam rules to classify an
> IP by its ASN I am quite dependent on the correct function of the txt
> dnsdb lookup.

I was hoping for some comment by any of the developers with commit
access, perhaps those involved in DKIM, so I didn't immediately write a
patch. Today is not a good day for me finding time for this. File a
bug, please.