[exim] Question on Rate Limiting by domain/user

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Author: John MacKenzie
To: exim-users
Subject: [exim] Question on Rate Limiting by domain/user

I have read through various posts on this subject and do apologise if the
answer is in them but what I want to do is still not clear from reading the
other messages.I am not a programmer or know very much about exim, but it
appears as if what i want to do is possible with some settings in exim.conf
and am comfortable editing this file without problem.

so I have users on my server than run mailing lists with Mailman. Mailman
does not have throtling built-in (they seem to think its the MTA's
responsibility but I beg to differ since most other programs do)

My server has a per hour limit of say 400 messages per domain as set in my
WHM (im using Cpanel/WHM) so if a user has a list of 500 people, the last
100 will not receive the message.

It seems from what I have read that i need to add something like this

# Slow down fast senders; note the need to truncate $sender_rate
# at the decimal point.
warn ratelimit = 200 / 1h / per_rcpt / strict
     delay     = ${eval: ${sg{$sender_rate}{[.].*}{}} - \
                   $sender_rate_limit }s

What I want to accomplish: I want exim to filter based on domain name the
sending rate (outgoing only) to either

no more than 200 messages per hour
somehow limit it per second such as 1 message every 10 seconds for example.

subsequently if there is a way to limit this more specifcally to mailman,
that would be even better!

any help would be greatly appreciated!