Re: [exim] delivery to recipient's junk mail folder

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Author: Daniel Tiefnig
To: Exim users
Subject: Re: [exim] delivery to recipient's junk mail folder
Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:
> Can you point me to the docs that would help me with the issue of
> delivering email marked as spam by SA to recipients junk mail folder
> (rather than to inbox)?

Hmm, I don't know whether there is something specifically about that in
the docs, but generally you can achieve it by using simple string
expansion. Something like:

directory = /some/where/${lookup something}\
               ${if def:h_X-MailIsSpam {/.Spam}{}}

(Be carefull not to undeliberatly put whitespace into the string.)
Of course you can use arbitrary conditions for the ${if}, depending on
your setup.

This implies one problem though: exim doesn't know that the delivery
actually goes into a subfolder, and therefor doesn't check the quota
correctly. This has been discussed on this (or the devel) list some time
ago, I'm not sure whether this has been solved by no. (or how)

> Of course if some kind soul could provide config snippet, I guess I
> wouldn't be particularly mad about it either...

You can use the above as a template and expand it to fit your needs.