Re: [exim-dev] local_scan() and the fd

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Author: Philip Hazel
To: Magnus Holmgren
CC: exim-dev
Subject: Re: [exim-dev] local_scan() and the fd
On Sun, 22 Apr 2007, Magnus Holmgren wrote:

> On Sunday 22 April 2007 14:34, Magnus Holmgren wrote:
> > Since writing to fd isn't forbidden (and IMHO shouldn't be), either
> >
> > a) body_linecount (and other variables that may need to be updated) should
> > be made available to local_scan() so that it can update it, or
> > b) the message body needs to be rescanned and body_linecount (and any other
> > variable that may need to be updated) be updated after the call to
> > local_scan().
> Hmm, AFAICT there are quite a few variables that need updating:
> body_zerocount, message_size, message_body_size, and message_linecount. There
> doesn't seem to be much point updating just one of them, is there?

That's why writing to the fd is "not recommended" :-)

This is a can of worms which I would rather not open.

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