Re: [exim] Who is APEWS.ORG

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Author: Renaud Allard
To: Marc Perkel
CC: exim users, Martin A. Brooks
Subject: Re: [exim] Who is APEWS.ORG

Marc Perkel wrote:
> Martin A. Brooks wrote:
>> Marc Perkel wrote:
>>> Trying to figure out who these people are Who is APEWS.ORG?
>> I'm trying to figure out the exim-related reason you're posting this
>> to the exim-users list.
> The reason it's Exim related is because these two blacklists uceprotect
> and apews are listing Exim servers that use sender verification.

They don't seem to block any of my servers using sender verification.

Maybe they block you because you are spamming this list frequently :D

Jokes apart, how do you know for sure they are blocking you for use of
sender verification? They are listing you because of "Systems running
abusive Spamdefense on other systems expense. (CR, SAV
or similar crap)". That may mean many different things. Maybe some of
your clients using you as their smarthost have some crap bouncing antivirus.