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Author: Tom Kistner
To: exim-users
CC: jethro.binks
Subject: Re: [exim] sudo - iptables trick
Tom Kistner wrote:

> I do this via a script I called "timeban". It's universal so it can be
> used for other blocking purposes as well. Handles management of a
> blocking chain. Can also manage counters per-IP so you can block IPs
> after multiple infractions ... useful for SSH dictionary "attacks" too.

OK, here's the script:

Docs and config are integrated in the script itself.

To use this thing in Exim, create a macro like:

IPT_TEMP_BLACKHOLE = ${run {/usr/local/bin/timeban add \

(Note: this is an instant ban - read the timeban docs!)

There may be the problem that the Exim user can't add iptables rules.
In this case you should set up a sudo rule for /usr/local/bin/timeban.

Use the macro in appropriate positions (it always expands to '1'):

Example 1 (DATA ACL):

   drop message = Spam detected ($spam_score)
          condition = ${if <{$message_size}{500k}}
          spam = nobody
          condition = IPT_TEMP_BLACKHOLE

Example 2 (RCPT ACL):

   drop message = Blacklisted sender domain
        sender_domains = +envelope_domain_blacklist
        condition = IPT_TEMP_BLACKHOLE

   drop message = $sender_host_address blacklisted at $dnslist_domain
        dnslists =
        condition = IPT_TEMP_BLACKHOLE

If you want to use this outside of Exim, I have written a small
log-surfing script that can call timeban on log events. It's
undocumented FTTB, but you'll get the idea when you look at it:

I wanted to add this to the Wiki as well but can't figure out how to add
a page (can't edit the front page ... hmmm :)