Re: [exim] user cannot delete own e-mails[SOLVED]

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Author: Krassen Deltchev
To: B. Johannessen, exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] user cannot delete own e-mails[SOLVED]
Hello,wanted just to update the topic;
the problem is solved,i just delete the trash and uploaded an empty
folder Trash on the server in /var/mail/john/;
so the rest of the work did the Dovcot.

Nice time!


B. Johannessen schrieb:
> Krassen Deltchev wrote:
>> I'm running Exim4 on RHEL3 and suddenly (yesterday) a user claimed:
>> -she can read and send e-mails without problems
>> -she cannot delete anykind of received e-mails...
> This is not an Exim problem, and does not belong on the Exim list, but
> anyway; check that the user is not above quota. If the user is above
> her quota and her client is configured to "move to trash" on delete,
> this could cause problems deleting messages.
> Just an idea...
>     Bob