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Author: John W. Baxter
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] An interesting problem (apparent duplicate delivery)
On 9/28/05 5:54 AM, "Tom Kistner" <tom@???> wrote:

> Ian Freislich wrote:
>> This phenomenon doesn't appear to be confined to one server or to
>> a particular user and it happens to random messages (or at least I
>> haven't found a pattern yet).
> Do you use AV or spam scanning after DATA? If yes, the cause may be a
> post-data timeout on the sending host. Exim may then send his 220 to a
> dead channel and queue the message, while the sending host has timed out
> the SMTP session and will retry sending the message later.
> That would explain the randomness. It typically only happens when the
> machine is well-loaded.
> /tom

I don't think so, Tom. The topmost Received: header(s) and Delivery-Date:
would then differ, and thus the two copies would not have the same MD5
checksum, which it is stated they do. I can certainly see your scenario
happening elsewhere, though.

I'd guess this one comes from a faulty interaction between the MUA and the
POP (or IMAP, but POP seems more likely) server.