RE: [exim] Exim server behind NAT router (and HELO)

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Author: David Brodbeck
To: exim
Subject: RE: [exim] Exim server behind NAT router (and HELO)
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> From: Brian Candler []

> Because there's no way, in general, for it to learn that information.
> Consider the very common case when the client host is
>, is sat
> behind a DSL NAT router, and the public external IP address
> is assigned
> dynamically by the ISP.

Poppycock. There are various ways, but they require work to set up. If
someone doesn't want to put forward the effort, they shouldn't be running a
mail server.

Check out, for example, They have various clients that can
grab address information from NAT boxes and keep a domain name pointed at
the proper IP, automatically.