Re: [exim] Connection lost while reading message data

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Author: Ronny Vaningh
To: Jason Slaughter
CC: Exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Connection lost while reading message data
Are you doing callouts ?

I had this before when callouts were slow and their smtp command timeout
was set too short

I (or better said my exim box) wasn't sending a reply to their rcpt to
command fast enough since it was timing out on a callout.

Maybe you can tcpdump it



On Tue, 2005-01-18 at 17:15, Jason Slaughter wrote:
> I am having a problem receiving mail from one MTA. That wouldn't
> normally be so bad, but unfortunately it's one that I need to receive
> mail from. ;) I started receiving reports that anyone from this server
> (a university in Hong Kong) was unable to send me mail. In my logs I
> noticed:
> 2005-01-18 08:55:55 SMTP connection from [...hostname/IP] lost while
> reading message data (header)