Re: [exim] Rate Limit Message Relaying

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Author: Kirill Miazine
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Rate Limit Message Relaying
* Marc Perkel [2004-12-18 07:27]:
> Can this be done?


> I'd like Exim to be able to rate limit outgoing messages from certian IP
> addresses who I would otherwise relay for. Initially I'd like to
> restrice the rate to one message per 30 seconds and after 5 messages
> climb to 1 message every 2 minutes - or something like that. Is this
> doable? Sort of like the bounce retry stuff but applied to relating
> instead of retry.

Write a daemon (in a language you feel comfortable with) that implements
the logic you are describing. Exim can communicate with that daemon
using ${readsocket}.

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