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Author: Hement Gopal
To: peter
CC: Exim Users
Subject: Re: [exim] relaying?
Hi Peter

Thanks for reply.

I kinda realised that just after mailing the list so i removed got rid of the error msg and exim starts up ok

(see new config below)
begin acl

# This access control list is used for every RCPT command in an incoming
# SMTP message. The tests are run in order until the address is either
# accepted or denied.

    accept domains = +local_domains : +relay_domains
    accept hosts   = +relay_hosts


..but with this config, no mails seem to be accepted. All I get is when
i tail exim_mainlog is

2004-11-12 10:33:45 unknown named domain list "+relay_domains"
2004-11-12 10:33:47 unknown named domain list "+relay_domains"
2004-11-12 10:33:48 unknown named domain list "+relay_domains"
2004-11-12 10:33:50 unknown named domain list "+relay_domains"

If i do a manual telnet to port 25 and try and send myself a mail I get,

root@artemis # telnet localhost 25
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
220-TrendMicro IMSS SMTP proxy Restricted SMTP server
220 "
501 Syntactically invalid HELO argument(s)
mail from:<hems@???>
250 OK
rcpt to:<hementg@???>
421 Unexpected failure, please try later



Peter Bowyer wrote:

>On Fri, 12 Nov 2004 10:21:33 +0200, Hement Gopal <hementg@???> wrote:
>>#acl_smtp_rcpt = acl_check_rcpt
>Remove the # to uncomment this line
>> accept domains = +local_domains : +relay_domains
>> accept hosts = +relay_hosts
>These lines need to go in a section which starts with a 'begin acl'
>statement. If you don't have an existing acl section in the config,
>find the first 'begin' statement you have, and insert the acl block
>just before it with 'begin acl' as the first line.