[Exim] exiscan-acl-4.33-20

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Author: Tom Kistner
To: exim-users, exim-announce, exiscanusers
New-Topics: [Exim] Exim 4.33 local_scan() problem
Subject: [Exim] exiscan-acl-4.33-20
Here comes exiscan-acl revision 20 for Exim 4.33.


One new feature: Multiple spamd server support, both for failover and
load balancing purposes. From the docs:

You can also have multiple spamd servers to improve
scalability. These can also reside on other hardware reachable
over the network. To specify multiple spamd servers, just put
multiple address/port pairs in the spamd_address option,
separated with colons:

spamd_address = 783 : 783 : 783

Up to  32 spamd  servers are  supported. The  servers will  be
queried in a random fashion.   When a server fails to  respond
to the  connection attempt,   all  other  servers  are   tried
until  one succeeds.   If  no  server   responds,  the  "spam"
condition will  return DEFER.  IMPORTANT:  It  is not possible
to    use  the    UNIX   socket    connection   method    with
multiple  spamd servers.

Multiple malware scanners are not yet in, this is a bit more complicated.

20  - added option to use multiple spamd servers, both for
       failover and load balancing purposes.

     - Fix signal handlers when using popen() for cmdline
       malware scanners.

     - adapted patch to exim 4.33