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Subject: Re: [Exim] acl_check_rcpt question
>It tries to run the address through the normal routing-process, when it is
>able to route the address to a transport, it will be accepted.
>You can start the process by hand with exim -d -bv some@???


Now, on to the next part.. my goal has been to use an ACL to check for a
valid recipient against an LDAP server (CommuniGate Pro 4.1.8). Here is
what I have written so far:

deny message = user unknown
      domains = +relay_to_domains
      !recipients = ${lookup ldap \
                    {user="uid=ldap_search," pass=XXXXX \

Does the above look valid? I'm about to try it out, but it is my first
stab at LDAP so I'm a bit green..

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