[Exim] 4.21: Bug in src/readconf.c

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Author: Jochen Erwied
To: Exim Mailinglist
Subject: [Exim] 4.21: Bug in src/readconf.c
in auths_init a check was added to check for duplicate public

Since I must authenticate to my smarthost, and accept incoming
connections via SMTP AUTH, I have two authenticators with public name
LOGIN and two with PLAIN, one with client options and one with server
options, which now obviously fails.

The additional check for duplicate names must IMHO include the
server/client-flags in comparisons. Two clients with same public name
are wrong, but a client and server with the same public name should be

I commented the additional check in src/readconf.c to get my
configuration working.

Sorry if I missed any previous discussion on this, but I'm currently
following this list only loosely, and didn't find anything in my

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