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Autor: Nico Erfurth
A: Kirill Miazine
CC: exim-users
Assumpte: Re: [Exim] Clarification on Exim functions
Kirill Miazine wrote:
>>>Btw, I have a small script that emulates .qmail-foo-default behavior.
>>>It can be fetched from
>>My solution is completly done in exim ;) except the queue-queue script,
>>that's needed for ezmlm
> Excellent stuff! The suffix-stripping mechanism is really great!

Tnx ;) Took me some time to while doing this stuff, and i lost some
hairs while thinking about it ;)

With exim4 some things could be done more elegant, like the
rewriting-stuff for &name@domain and ./Mailbox in forwardfiles.
This could be done with ${sg} and ${readfile} before exim handles it.

> cmd-chain was created to use TMDA with Postfix. But it enables
> qmail-like forward files to be used with (hopefully) most MTAs.

But still it needs user interaction to work if you switch from qmail to
exim. With this exim config you can throw it away ;)