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Author: Philip Hazel
To: Abaddon
CC: exim-users
Old-Topics: [Exim] Well...exim + mysql + relay..problems on lookup the ip
Subject: [Exim] Re: several messages
On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Abaddon wrote:

> RCPT to: <hail@???>
> >>> and.kill.com in local_domains? no (end of list)
> >>> and.kill.comin relay_domains? no (end of list)
> >>> looking up host name for
> >>> IP address lookup failed
> >>> host in host_accept_relay? no (failed to find host name or lookup
> deferred)
> 550 relaying to <hail@???> prohibited by administrator (failed to
> find host name from IP address)
> LOG: refused relay (host) to <hail@???> from <test@???>
> H=( [] (failed to find host name from IP address)
> When the ip address lookup fail, it give me errors on host_accept_relay...
> How can i stop that ????!!!!


host_accept_relay = localhost:net-mysql;MYSQL_RELAY

instead of

h ost_accept_relay = localhost:mysql;MYSQL_RELAY

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