[Exim] system filter problem 101

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Author: Jim Pazarena
To: exim-users
Subject: [Exim] system filter problem 101
I've never tried to implement a filter but since I LOVE U is here I
thought I'd give it a try. using many examples so far provided I couldn't
get my system to fail a message. so I tried the old standby of rejecting
Friend@???. It won't work either. Please offer suggestions.

my filter:
# Exim filter
if $header_to begins "Friend@" or
$header_to ends "public.com"
then fail "SPAM!"

exim -bF ../etc/filter

I enter: To: friend@???
response:Sender = root@fqdn
         Recipient = root@fqdn
         testing Exim filter file ../etc/filter
I enter: this is my test
response:Fail text "SPAM!"
         Filter processing ended:
         Filtering did not set up a significant delivery.
         Normal delivery will occur.

How come? Why doesn't this pass the test? (or FAIL the test) whichever way
you look at it :-)

.. greenhorn alert ..
Jim Pazarena    mailto:paz@qcislands.net