[exim] RES: Port 25 blocked by ISP

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Author: João Camara
To: 'Andrew C Aitchison'
CC: exim-users
Subject: [exim] RES: Port 25 blocked by ISP
Ok, thanks a lot !

João Camara        (11) 9 8136 2603

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De: Andrew C Aitchison [mailto:andrew@aitchison.me.uk]
Enviada em: segunda-feira, 8 de maio de 2023 06:53
Para: João Camara <joao.camara@???>
Cc: exim-users@???
Assunto: Re: [exim] Port 25 blocked by ISP

On Thu, 4 May 2023, João Camara via Exim-users wrote:

> Hi all,
> How can I set outbound SMTP port to 587 on EXIM4 ?

You can set
     port = 587
(or port = 465 which might be better) on the smtp transport, but that is
probably not what you want to do, *unless you are only sending to one
specific server*.

You would need a login (typicallly usernmae + password) on every server you
wish to send mail to.

If your ISP blocks outgoing connections to port 25 and you have an email
service provider that lets you access their port 587 or 465, you can
configure that service as a smart host.
Since you spell EXIM4 with a four, I guess that your are running Debian or

Ubuntu. If do the exim setup tool will help you do this.

Andrew C. Aitchison                      Kendal, UK

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