Re: [pcre-dev] Best practices for PCRE2 JIT

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Author: Philip Hazel
To: Ervin Hegedüs, pcre2-dev
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] Best practices for PCRE2 JIT

The pcre-dev group you sent this to is for PCRE1, which is at end-of-life;
the group is likely to disappear at some time. For PCRE2, please use
pcre2-dev@???. I have added that address to this email.
(Further discussion could perhaps remove pcre-dev.) I don't know much about
the internals of the JIT implementation in PCRE2. The JIT maintainer is on
the pcre2-dev list so should see your query.


On Tue, 10 May 2022 at 20:13, Ervin Hegedüs via Pcre-dev <pcre-dev@???>

> Hi,
> I'm a total beginner in PCRE2, now I'm "playing" with the code.
> I reviewed the man pages and documentation. If I'm not mistaken, PCRE2
> supports JIT (on most popular architectures - eg. AMD64), but the user has
> to turn it on.
> The pcre2jit man page says
> *In some circumstances you may need to call additional functions. These are
> described in the section entitled "Controlling the JIT stack" below.*
> Is there any way to decide, in which case do I need to use those functions?
> I mean the patterns are totally unknown to me, it could be very complex or
> can be very simple.
> Now I try this solution:
> I chose 1MB, because man page says
> *A maximum stack size of 512KiB to 1MiB should be more than enough for any
> pattern.*
> Do I need to add the manual stack allocation? Or would be enough just
> simple call the
> pcre2_jit_compile(re, PCRE2_JIT_COMPLETE);
> and if the call fails, then match won't use JIT - but the application won't
> terminate?
> Calling the
> pcre2_jit_stack_create(1, 1024 * 1024, NULL);
> allocates the whole 1MB of memory? I just ask, because I showed some
> details about compiled regex in that code, and it says:
> =====================
>     PCRE2_INFO_DEPTHLIMIT: 4294967295
>        PCRE2_INFO_JITSIZE: 76976
>     PCRE2_INFO_MATCHLIMIT: 4294967295
>           PCRE2_INFO_SIZE: 20149

> The PCRE2_INFO_JITSIZE: 76976 means it uses almost 77kB of 1MB, but the 1MB
> has been allocated? So if I have 200 regexes, then it means the application
> needs +200MB memory?
> Thanks for your helps,
> a.
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