Re: [exim-dev] Exim 4.96-RC0 released

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Author: Heiko Schlittermann
To: exim-dev
Subject: Re: [exim-dev] Exim 4.96-RC0 released
Andreas Metzler via Exim-dev <exim-dev@???> (Sa 30 Apr 2022 10:34:23 CEST):
> People upgrading directly from < 4.93 to 4.96 would still have to deal
> with hard breakage on upgrades, but requirig a two step upgrade might be
> considered a fair compromise.

Yes, that's something I'm thinking about too.

4.95: "allow_insecure_tainted_data" allows a smooth upgrade from 4.94
4.96: "allow_insecure_tainted_data" doesn't cover all that taint issues
      that were "accepted" (turned into warnings) for 4.95, but turns
      the new implemented errors into warnings.
… and so on

That is, having always one release as a grace period to sort out the taint

We have quite complex configurations and there isn't always a way to
test them in advance. Rolling back during an update isn't an option in
many cases, and prevents further checking, as the the previous versions
works, and maybe breaks with config changes I made already to comply
with our new taint checks.