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Author: russellbell
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] getting exim to accept mail on a domain without an MX DNS record.
    Quoth Gedalya: 'That is not normally done.'
    I know.  I'm in a pinch.

    'If you want to use an IP address it would normally be
fred@??? - the IP address goes in square brackets.'
    My MTA (gmail) rejects the square-bracketed form; without them
the message gets to the target server.

    'You can configure exim to accept mail sent to a particular IP
address and translate that to a domain but I can only guess you don't
really want to go through that trouble.'
    Sounds good to me.

    'IP addresses are not domain names. 
    Yes.  I meant to say that it's a valid address.

    'They can not have MX records.'
    Why not?  If an SMTP server at the address handles mail...

    'If there is any domain name that has an A record pointing to
123.456.789.012, it is likely to work much more often than using the
IP address directly, even if it has no MX record.'
    There is an A record, but there's also an MX record that
points to our mail server, a Microsoft Outlook thing: mail sent to it
won't arrive at the target server.

    'Is fred a local user?'
    Yes.  He gets messages (local) every day.

    'It would be a matter of setting up 123.456.789.012 as a local
    I added it to 'local_domains'.

    Quoth Jasen Betts: 'You probably need to configure
[123.456.789.012] as one of the domains that exim accepts for.
    In host_accept_relay ?

    'you may need to enable IP literal domains too.'
    Does local_domains_include_host_literals do this?

russell bell