[exim] Fwd: bad memory allocation requested (2147483632 byte…

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Author: Laura Williamson
To: exim-users
Subject: [exim] Fwd: bad memory allocation requested (2147483632 bytes) at string_catn 1163


it happened on several servers all with less than 100mb emails (some as
small as 1mb or less)  no high traffic, no swapping on disk so not a
running out of memory problem, exim -M msg-id replicates problem (tried
many times with messages in queue), moving back to 4.94.2 and problem
disappears.  I cannot replicate it unfortunately, it  happened to maybe
5-8 emails out of tens of thousands (on different servers). Will await
an update to 4.95 and will then try again to put the updated exim in


Den 06/10/2021 kl. 09:21 skrev Cyborg:
> Hello Miss Williamson,
> can you please re-send your answere to the maillinglist? you answered
> to my personal mailbox ;)
> If you can replicate this with an email in the queue, it would be
> possible to debug it easily.
> I'm pretty sure, that Jeremy will provide the correct cmdlines if you
> ask for them in your answere to the list.
> Best regards,
> Marius