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Author: Oliver Heesakkers
To: Exim Users
Subject: Re: [exim] 4.95-RC0 - SIGSEGV (maybe attempt to write to immutable memory) & other oddities
Jeremy Harris via Exim-users schreef op 2021-10-03 13:13:
> On 03/10/2021 11:44, Oliver Heesakkers via Exim-users wrote:
>> Before I go crazy with all the debug-options, were you (or anyone else
>> in this thread) ever able to determine the cause of these SIGSEGVs?
> Nothing that was said here on the ML, at least.
> I repeat my previous request:
>> if there's a FreeBSD afficionado out there willing to set up,
>> maintain and monitor a FreeBSD with-jails buildfarm animal
>> we might catch such issues earlier.
> Without actual testing on such less-common platforms, things
> are going to Not Work. I am personally not in a position where
> I can test everything. Without more community support, this
> project will wither and die.

I've done some more testing and have been reliably able to reproduce the
problem. The problem always occurs (in my test setup) when I have
av_scanner set up to a clamd TCP socket, regardless whether it's local
(127.0.01), remote, IPv4 or IPv6, they all SIGSEGV.
When I switch to a local clamd.sock, the problem vanishes.

I'd be curious to know if other people experiencing this problem have a
similar av_scanner setup.