[pcre-dev] Release Candidate 10.38-RC1

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Author: Philip Hazel
To: pcre2-dev, pcre-dev
Subject: [pcre-dev] Release Candidate 10.38-RC1
A first Release Candidate for PCRE2 release 10.38 is now available for
download from GitHub. I believe these are the correct URLs:




There are two reasons for putting out a new release somewhat earlier than
usual: (1) The documentation is updated to show the new URLs for GitHub and
Google Groups; (2) An important bug in JIT was fixed. Both seemed to
suggest releasing sooner than later. There are a few other changes (see
NEWS and ChangeLog). In particular, \K is now forbidden in lookarounds, as
in Perl, but I have provided an option to reinstate the previous behaviour.

Please test this pre-release if you can. It is the first one since moving
to new infrastructure; please report any problems or infelicities. If there
are no issues I will put out the real release in about 4 weeks' time.