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Author: admin
To: pcre-dev
Subject: [pcre-dev] [Bug 2621] New: Regression in JIT pattern matching

            Bug ID: 2621
           Summary: Regression in JIT pattern matching
           Product: PCRE
           Version: 10.35 (PCRE2)
          Hardware: x86-64
                OS: Windows
            Status: NEW
          Severity: bug
          Priority: medium
         Component: Code
          Assignee: ph10@???
          Reporter: cmbecker69@???
                CC: pcre-dev@???

I'm forwarding this from <https://bugs.php.net/79846>, since it doesn't appear
to be PHP related.

The problem is that the pattern /([a-z]+_[a-z]+_*[a-z]+)_?(\d+)?/ does no
longer match the string component_phase_1 when JIT is enabled. This happens as
of pcre2-10.35 (and still with current HEAD), but worked as expected with


./pcre2test -jit
PCRE2 version 10.34 2019-11-21
re> /([a-z]+_[a-z]+_*[a-z]+)_?(\d+)?/
data> component_phase_1

0: component_phase_1
1: component_phase
2: 1


./pcre2test -jit
PCRE2 version 10.36-RC1 2020-06-01
re> /([a-z]+_[a-z]+_*[a-z]+)_?(\d+)?/
data> component_phase_1

No match

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