Re: [pcre-dev] 3x-4x slowdown in pcre_match

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Author: ph10
To: enh
CC: pcre-dev, Martijn Coenen, Stephen Hines
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] 3x-4x slowdown in pcre_match
On Thu, 16 Apr 2020, enh via Pcre-dev wrote:

> done. i've attached a patch that includes both the configure and cmake
> bits. i tested both with CC=gcc and CC=clang (for representative
> failure and success cases respectively).

Patch now applied and committed. However, I did have to make a couple of
small changes:

1. My personal testing configuration contains -Wunused-variable; this
caused your tests to fail and therefore never set
HAVE_ATTRIBUTE_UNITIALIZED. Solved by adding "(void)buf;" to the test

2. For CMake I added


to I did this when I was failing to get cmake to
notice clang, so perhaps it isn't necessary, but all the other macros
are listed there. (I finally figured out that I needed to delete all
CMake's files - then it realized I wanted clang.)

Thanks for doing this work. It will be in the forthcoming 10.35 release.
I don't think I'll need to put out another release candidate, but I'll
wait another week or two just in case anything more comes in.


Philip Hazel