[pcre-dev] [Bug 2497] Visual Studio 2012 Compile Error

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Subject: [pcre-dev] [Bug 2497] Visual Studio 2012 Compile Error

--- Comment #1 from Philip Hazel <ph10@???> ---
Are you sure you are looking at pcre2.h from 10.33? I cannot find this code
therein. Moreover, the ChangeLog for 10.33 contains this paragraph:

16. Removed the unnecessary inclusion of stdint.h (or inttypes.h) from
pcre2_internal.h as it is now included by pcre2.h. Also, change 17 for 10.32
below was unnecessarily complicated, as inttypes.h is a Standard C header,  
which is defined to be a superset of stdint.h. Instead of conditionally       
including stdint.h or inttypes.h, pcre2.h now unconditionally includes
inttypes.h. This supports environments that do not have stdint.h but do have
inttypes.h, which are known to exist. A note in the autotools documentation    
says (November 2018) that there are none known that are the other way round.

I have searched previous versions of PCRE2, and there never has been an
occurrence of MSC_VER in pcre2.h, as far as I can see. Are you perhaps using
some kind of patched version?

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