Re: [pcre-dev] New header file location

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Author: Ze'ev Atlas
To: pcre-dev
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] New header file location
I checked and basically had finalized my port.You were correct and the jit modules are in the correct place (i.e. /src) ... and technically, despite the fact that I do not use them, I need their presence since you mention them in some #include statements.The only modules that I really really do not need are:pcre2_extuni.c - because I do not support unicode
pcre2_jit_test.c - because I do not support jit and would never test it

I handle these two modules with my exclusion list!  Therefore, please leave the libraries' structure as is and do not add any more unneeded complication.  Please do not add any special directory!
Ze'ev Atlas