[pcre-dev] New header file location

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Author: Ze'ev Atlas
To: pcre-dev@exim.org
Subject: [pcre-dev] New header file location
I have noticed that pcre2_jit_neon_inc.h and pcre2_jit_simd_inc.h are now in .../src and not in .../src/sljit where they should be.  
I use the location of source file to discern whether I need them (even remotely) for my strictly non-jit port for z/OS.  These aforementioned header files are strictly JIT related.  While they may be harmless for my port (I did not yet finalize it, so I do not know for sure,) yet, the need to maintain them and any future other misplaced header files is an unnecessary burden on my quasi-automated port.
Could they be safely moved to the correct location please.
Ze'ev Atlas