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Subject: [exim-dev] [Bug 2298] tls_eccurve does not accept multiple entries

--- Comment #7 from Bertrand Jacquin <bertrand@???> ---
(In reply to Jeremy Harris from comment #6)
> (In reply to Bertrand Jacquin from comment #5)
> > However Exim does not offer the ability for system administrators to
> > manually select one or multiple curves:
> You can specify one curve. The option is documented as such; it does not
> mention "list of curve names".


> I'm so far unconvinced that your use-case, for more-than-one but not the full
> set, is likely to be needed by enough people to be worth adding the support.

Well, it can be very convenient to manually add a modern curve as first choice
and add less modern curves for compatibility reasons. More software in the wild
accept multiple curves like haproxy or nginx as mentioned above. I feel the
ability to specify only one curve is very restrictive.

> > with "auto", also one curve is offered
> How did you test this?

This was indeed incorrect, multiple curves are available with auto.

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