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Author: Heiko Schlittermann
To: oss-security, Exim Users, Exim Announce
Subject: Re: [exim] CVE-2019-15846: Exim - local or remote attacker can execute programs with root privileges.
*** Note: EMBARGO is still in effect! ***
*** Distros must not publish any detail yet ***

In case you are entitled to access the security repo:
*and* use the 4.92.2+fixes branch:

The branch got two new commits, fixing a small tool. This tool is not
designed to process untrusted data, so there is no security issue, but
it was buggy. It is unlikely to be critical.

You may consider including the fix in the packages to be
released at CRD (today, 10.00 UTC) or schedule it for a later
maintainance release of the Exim packages.

commit cdc7f9a9667ecf31d803fc8d1a31b466284360bd
Author: Heiko Schlittermann (HS12-RIPE) <hs@???>
Date: Fri Sep 6 06:57:11 2019 +0200

commit 66935633816a88460f5222f40dc29d1a4e877978
Author: Heiko Schlittermann (HS12-RIPE) <hs@???>
Date: Thu Sep 5 14:56:22 2019 +0200

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