Re: [pcre-dev] Clearing documentation about infinite loops

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Author: ND
To: Pcre-dev
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] Clearing documentation about infinite loops
On 2019-06-20 16:15, ph10 wrote:

> You can see all this by making use of the "auto-callout" feature

Thanks a lot, Philip. I quite well understand what is really happened.
My concern is about how this is documented.

>In the first example, the same thing happens, but after (?=b) ismatched,
> \z fails so there is a backtrack into the last iteration of theloop.

Sorry I only know a basic english and don't know many nuances of this
When "loop is forcibly broken" I assume that there is no more loop. How
can we return (backtrack) to it? Is there possibility to return inside a
cycle after operator "brake" in any programming language?
May be another words can be find?
Or I don't quite understand some nuances of english "broken"?

Second of my little concern is that "X*\z" and "X*" both matches and
matches are different.
I understand why it is from procedural point of view. Know that is
Perl-compatible. But from logical point of view is quite unnaturally.