Re: [exim-dev] [exim] spool format error: size

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Author: Jeremy Harris
To: exim-dev
Subject: Re: [exim-dev] [exim] spool format error: size
On 02/05/2019 23:06, Magnus Holmgren via Exim-dev wrote:
> That code is from SA-Exim, which implements a local_scan() function. What I
> mean is: is there something wrong with this code, or has something been broken
> in Exim so that the permanent pool doesn't work?

It looks right per the exim docs. However, the local_scan facilities
are not something the exim testsuite exercises; quite possibly something
has been broken. They're also not something I've ever explored.

I doubt the permanent-pool is broken as a general thing; all
sorts of odd things would be visible in general operation.

There's a couple a memory-related debug facilities it might be
possible for you to try:

- a main-section option "debug_store", boolean.
Set true to add checks on whether any memory being used
by an active exim $variable is covered by a blob being

- run under the test-harness; freed memory is overwritten
by a distinctive pattern.