Re: [exim] Issue with LDAP auth

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Author: Jeremy Harris
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Issue with LDAP auth
On 24/12/2018 13:41, William Edwards | Cyberfusion via Exim-users wrote:
>   server_condition = ${if and{{ !eq{}{$auth2} }{ \
>     ldapauth{\
>       USER="${quote_ldap:${lookup ldapdn{ldap://,dc=cyberfusion,dc=email??sub?(sAMAccountName=${quote_ldap:$auth2})}}}" \
>       PASS=${quote:$auth3} \
>       ldap://} }} }

You're using an ldapdn lookup to determine a USER for the ldapauth.

What user do you think you might use for it, if your ldap isn't set up
to allow anonymous lookups?