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Author: Heiko Schlittermann
To: exim-users
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Subject: Re: [exim] no DMARC?
wido.exim--- via Exim-users <exim-users@???> (Do 25 Okt 2018 17:30:58 CEST):
> Hi,
> I am running an Ubuntu 18.04 machine and I am trying to get DMARC
> working on my Exim. Therefor I have grabbed the Exim source from Ubuntu
> 18.10 and compiled it with this Makefile:
> ========================================================

> $ exim --version
> Exim version 4.91 #2 built 30-Jul-2018 18:35:06


I'd expect a more recent build date, or is did you build end of July?