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Subject: [pcre-dev] [Bug 2294] pcregrep -E

--- Comment #8 from Elliott Hughes <enh@???> ---
(In reply to Philip Hazel from comment #7)
> I'm an old dog that takes time to learn new tricks, and I'm afraid I have
> never got round to learning Git. PCRE was set up with SVN just over 20 years
> ago, and I've just stuck with it. As for -announce, nobody has asked for it,
> until now. I guess they all manage with the pcre-dev list, which isn't
> hugely busy. Perhaps I should ask on the list if such a thing would be
> popular - and if so, persuade the exim.org managers to set it up. (I've
> always relied on other folks to do everything except work on the code, e.g.
> website, mailing list, etc. Can't do everything myself...)

for my sins, i effectively own updating ~666 (funnily enough, that's the
current count of projects in the AOSP external/ directory) open source
projects. so having some programmatic way of recognizing a new release is a
godsend, and a -announce@ list is the next best thing. (low volume * 666 ==
high volume!)

i know projects like LLVM have some kind of svn -> git mirroring going on, but
i don't know how that works. (and i'm not sure it would be able to recognize
_releases_ anyway. that might be something you actually have to explicitly do?)

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