Re: [exim-dev] branch exim-4_91+fixes created

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Author: Andreas Metzler
To: exim-dev
Subject: Re: [exim-dev] branch exim-4_91+fixes created
On 2018-04-23 Jeremy Harris via Exim-dev <exim-dev@???> wrote:
> For distro maintainers, and similar, as per Subject
> and similar to previous +fixes branches.

> Intent is to only carry actual fixes, no new features or
> minor fiddling. The master branch remains the main path
> of development; this one is subsidiary but may be of
> interest to distro maintainers wanting to keep abreast
> of fixes as they arrive but not at the bleeding-edge.


theses -fixes branches are indeed a very nice thing to have for
Debian/unstable and /testing. Thank you!

cu Andreas
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