[exim] delay warnings when host down

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Author: Ken Olum
To: exim-users
Subject: [exim] delay warnings when host down
When exim fails to send a message to a host that is down, it remembers
that fact and doesn't try to send any more messages to that same host
for some interval. Does it then not send delay warnings for those
additional messages that it did not retry?

I have the situation where a host is not accepting SMTP connections and
there are many messages in my queue for that host. Most of these
messages have not gotten any delay warnings, even though they have been
in the queue for 3 days.

I think when users send messages, they should either get the message
delivered (to the next MTA at least) or get a warning after the first
time listed in delay_warning (plus the interval from the retry rule).
Is there something I can do to create such a situation?