[pcre-dev] PCRE2 10.30 released on CBTTAPE (file 939)

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Author: Ze'ev Atlas
To: ibm-main@listserv.ua.edu, pcre-dev@exim.org, TSO REXX Discussion List, Andrew Armstrong
CC: Andrew Ho, Philip Hazel, z390@yahoogroups.com, IBM Mainframe Assembler List, John Gateley
Subject: [pcre-dev] PCRE2 10.30 released on CBTTAPE (file 939)
A new version of the PCRE2 regex engine for z/OS was released and would be posted on CBTTAPE (file 939) soon.  1. The main interpreter, pcre2_match(), has been refactored into a    new version that does not use recursive function calls (and    therefore the stack) for remembering backtracking positions.    This makes --disable-stack-for-recursion a NOOP. The new    implementation allows backtracking into recursive group calls in   patterns, making it more compatible with Perl, and also fixes some    other hard-to-do issues such as #1887 in Bugzilla. The code is    also cleaner because the old code had a number of fudges to try to    reduce stack usage. It seems to run no slower than the old code.
We are looking for volunteers for two potential improvements:1. A PL/I expert to create native PL/I include modules for full PL/I support (I have some idea how to code in PL/I, but an expert would do a better job.)2. A CEEPIPI expert to help us persist the library for the Rexx API to allow less costly Rexx support (John Gateley wrote a very good and working basic Rexx API, but without persisting the library in the LE environment. every call has to start the expensive compile from scratch.  I admit that I tried to read the CEEPIPI documentation several times, just to conclude that I have no idea what does IBM talk about.)
 Ze'ev Atlas