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Author: Kai Risku
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] [exim-announce] Exim 4.87 Released
I have found some problems with remote deliveries or delivery logging, cannot really say which..

Upgraded from 4.84 to 4.87 and on exactly one fairly busy production system a small portion (~5%) of deliveries are not logged properly.

Grepping a specific message id from the log finds only the following lines (sensitive data replaced by xxx):

2016-04-18 20:34:58 1asD4c-0002xi-2T <= xxx@xxx U=root P=spam-scanned S=33688 id=20160418203458-gktif3jm2yzc@xxx T="xxx" from <xxx@xxx> for xxx@xxx
2016-04-18 20:36:16 1asD4c-0002xi-2T Completed

I have actually no idea if the message has been delivered or not. Has anything changed in the logging code that could either explain the seemingly random lack of logging, or cause the message to somehow fail without explanation and just mark it as completed?

The problems are not tied to specific recipients or remote hosts, as I have examples in the logs where the exact recipient has had successfully logged deliveries on one day, and a failure like above on another.

The only thing special on the only system where I have found this kind of logging problems, is that the server is doing mass-sending of emails using a dozen outgoing interfaces. Messages are routed to interface-specific smtp-transports using a hash of the recipient address. Can something in the switching of outgoing interfaces during delivery cause logging problems or silent delivery failures?

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Oy Arrak Software Ab

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From: Exim-announce [] On Behalf Of Jeremy Harris
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2016 9:11 PM
To: exim-announce@???; exim users
Subject: [exim-announce] Exim 4.87 Released

I have uploaded Exim 4.87 to:

This release contains the following enhancements and bugfixes:

- Internationalised mail addressing is no longer experimental
- SOCKS and PROXY-protocol proxy support are no longer experimental
- Events are no longer experimental
- REDIS support is no longer experimental

 -  The ACL conditions regex and mime_regex now capture substrings
 -  New $callout_address expansion variable
 -  Transports now take a "max_parallel" option
 -  Expansion operators ${ipv6norm:<string>} and ${ipv6denorm:<string>}
 -  New "-bP config" command line option
 -  New $dkim_key_length expansion variable
 -  New $prdr_requested expansion variable
 -  New base64d and base64 expansion items
 -  New main configuration option "bounce_return_linesize_limit"
 -  New $initial_cwd expansion variable
 -  The mysql support can now use msql option group names
 -  SOCKS proxies now support priority groups and weighted-random
 -  REDIS lookups can now handle embedded spaces
 -  New event types for recipient- and host-defer
 -  New keep_environment and add_environment options

 -  Avoid trying to use OCSP-stapling on too-old GnuTLS versions
 -  Make logging of interfaces more consistent
 -  Fix problem with log files being held open
 -  Fix a crash post-transport on missing message-IDs
 -  Add Exim version string to process info
 -  Fix cached DNS lookups to honour TTL
 -  Fix transport interface settings on retries
 -  Ignore embedded whitespace when decoding base64
 -  Fix log_defer_output option of pipe transport
 -  Fix usage of differing hosts for different recipients of a message,
    under hosts_randomize
 -  Fix build of Radius support
 -  Fix race condition in exicyclog
 -  Refuse unexpected arguments to exiqgrep
 -  Server-side advertising of TLS support now defaults to all-hosts
 -  Require SINGLE_DH_USE as a default, under OpenSSL
 -  Fix cutthrough-delivery bug on message bodies with single-dot line
 -  Fix spurious cutthrough delivery under the -bhc command line option
 -  Fix passthrough of hard-reject under cutthrough
 -  Fix use of DKIM private-keys having trailing '=' in the base-64
 -  Fix selection ordering of headers to sign for DKIM

Build-time optional feature changes:
- Extra information in DSN fail messages

The ChangeLog/NewStuff are packaged with the exim
tarball or can be reviewed online at:

The release files are signed with the PGP key 0xE41F32DF, which has a
uid "Jeremy Harris (none) <jgh@???>". Please use your own
discretion in assessing what trust paths you might have to this uid.

Checksums are below. Detached PGP signatures in .asc files are available
alongside the tarballs.

Please report issues by replying to this email on exim-users.

Thank you for your patronage,
- --
Jeremy Harris, pp The Exim Maintainers


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